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Do you need a page just to let customers know your opening times and phone number? Or maybe a multi-page site with e-commerce? Either way we got you and everything in between covered.

the right Website

You know you want a website, but you don’t know what you need? Take a look at our innovative solution guide below to help you make the right choice. Also feel free to drop us a line and let us help you.

If you already know what you want, skip ahead to the pricing.

The solution guide

All of our websites are totally responsive, which means they’ll work on any device. Furthermore, we have enterprise class security and we take care of all backups, software updates for your hosting and website. Knowing how many people visit your website and what they do when they’re there is also important to know, so we have google analytics turned on for every site we create. To make life even easier, we also have a full care package where we handle the content updates for your website. 

What you get

This is an entry level website. An all-in-one custom designed website on a single page, stating who you are, what you do and how to reach you.

It also includes a contact form and google maps as well as the legally required imprint and data privacy pages (GDPR).

Optionally we can also include an automated booking form for you.

Examples (but not limited to): Hairdressers, tradesmen, cosmetic studios, restaurants, sole traders

What you get

One page doesn’t cut it? You need more space for your services, maybe a photo gallery or a blog (one is included) or show off the cool videos about your products (Youtube / Vimeo video player included)? Then this package is for you.

You get 1 Gigabyte of storage and we create five pages for you: Home, About Us, Products & Services and Contact Us (these can be adapted as needed and we’ll run through three design reviews with you to make sure you’re happy). Legally required imprint and data privacy pages are also included.

If you need any optional extras, like a newsletter sign up form and the html design, we can do that for you too.

Examples (but not limited to): Small to medium-sized businesses who don’t need a members area or an online shop

What you get

 Our team will go through up to five design reviews to make sure you’re totally happy with your new website. We include everything from the previous packages, plus 5 Gigabytes of storage in total and have even more goodies for you to choose from, such as a password protected area for your users, live chat or the ability to connect your contact forms directly to your CRM systems.

Plus your very own online shop, complete with integrated payment possibilities (such as paypal and credit cards), as well as stock management, customised client emails and shipping. We’ll even upload the first 25 products for you.

Examples (but not limited to): The more sophisticated web presence, with all possibilities, including an online shop

fall in love with our features

Real time stats

We're happy to share live Google analytics data where you can see your customers interacting with your new website.

Multilingual & attractive

We create web pages that work in any language you need and we can adapt the images to match individually on any of the pages we create

Online shopping, 24/7

Your shop can now be open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, letting your customers buy your products and services without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Amazingly responsive

Speed and agility aren't things you need only on your website. The humans at NearlyPerfect.site are also super fast and responsive. We won't leave you hanging!

Community builder

Do you need to let your customers know about the latest and greatest? We've got you covered with an integrated newsletter feature.

Got an idea? Or not?

We excel at creating real working websites based on your input and ideas. Don't have a clue? Let us guide you along the path to your new web page and maintain it for you.

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