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Do you need a new website?

There are many reasons you might want a new website. It is important to consider your goals. Some questions we ask: Who do you want to reach? What is the main purpose of your new web presence? Do you want to sell products or take reservations? What kind of branding and imagery do you have/need?

Do you want a one-page website to show your opening times and contact details? Look at BestHandyman.ch for an example of a simple one-page WordPress Website.

Does your restaurant need an online shop for handling takeaway orders? That is what we did at LaFucina. Have a look.

We’re happy to help you find a solution that matches your needs. Get in touch today.

Practice makes perfect

The NearlyPerfect team are no strangers to WordPress. We created our first WordPress website back in 2004.

We love diversity, and a few unique people make up our team. Our dedicated designer handles web design and branding advice.

Two full-stack developers take care of WordPress websites and complex programming. A server expert ensures your WordPress website is running optimally and securely.

Our copywriters create adapted marketing texts in English, German and Italian for your websites. 

We work with various partners for extraordinary cases. We’d love to introduce you.

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Experience, User Experience.

User experience is how a user interacts with and experiences a website. It includes their perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency. User experience is, of course, subjective. A good user experience results in more conversions or sales.

Our team has the experience needed to identify problems. Using tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar or Seobility, we can improve your website. An optimised website leads to higher conversions. Higher conversions lead to more sales.

Are you looking to improve your website? We offer a free SEO report for your WordPress website. Request yours today, with no obligation to buy our services.

responsive WordPress design

An excellent website should be like a magnificent house. It needs the perfect content locations and the right proportions. The website should look good on any device, especially on a mobile phone. Did you know phones accounted for 55% of all website visits in 2021?

Do you come across websites which do not quite fit on your phone? Worse yet, some don’t resize at all, leaving you zooming in to read a tiny text. We develop a WordPress website to be responsive from the start.

Being “responsive” means the website adapts to the size of your phone, or device screen. This gives users the best experience possible. We go one step further. NearlyPerfect designs and tests each WordPress website on various screen sizes.

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How can we help?

Book a no-obligation discovery call with us. What can you expect from the video meeting?

  1. We get to know each other.
  2. You brief us about your project, your goals and your expectations.
  3. We offer some advice on how best to achieve your goals.
  4. Discuss next steps working towards collaboration and an outline of the project scope.


Our discovery call gives both sides the chance to see if we’re a good fit. It also provides us with the information to make you an informed and realistic quote.

We build WordPress websites that work.


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